Off the Hook

seafood restaurants in the Garden Route
Off the hook Restaurant is casual, well priced and the food is always good! Take-aways are freshly prepared and are good, clean, healthy food. It has a relaxed atmosphere and it is family friendly.

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Look Out Deck

the best seafood restaurants in the Garden Route

With a unique location between The Lookout Rocks and The Look Out Nature Reserve, this Restaurant’s needs to be on everyones must visit list.

They are open from sunrise to sunset serving Breakfasts, Lunches, Light Snacks and Dinner. The cooking is fresh, simple and good value.

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Fish braais the Garden Route

A truly South African dining experience…Freshline Fish of the day, Snoek, Paella, Clam Chowder, mussels in white wine, shellfish potjie, seafood pasta and salad, traditional homebaked Mielie bread/beer bread, fresh farm butter, homemade konfyt/jams, traditional sherry trifle, crayfish and prawns.

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Fish and chip takeaways in Knysna

Ask any local in Knysna where you get the best fish & chips and takeaway and the chances are that that they will refer you to the Blue Lagoon in Long St. They have been selling fish and chips in Knysna since 1985. It is owner run and whilst many things have changed over the years Bruwer Basson ensures that his customers get the best value possible.


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The Explorers Garden Route

Koi fish traps in Stilbaai

Ancient rock pool fish traps, built by the Khoisan up to 3000 years ago, visible at low tide.

These traps are still being regularly maintained, extended and utilized by a group of local enthusiasts.

Five minutes from Stilbaai with parking close to the beach. Good afternoon for kids and adults alike. See if you can spot an octopus and remember to take fish nets for the kids!

The coastal town of Stilbaai draws anglers, surfers, birders and archaeology buffs with its ancient fish traps, shell middens, artefacts and rock art reproductions from the Blombos cave.

Stilbaai is full of surprises – like Palinggat Homestead – where a fountain pool is home to several endemic freshwater eels. Here for over 125 years, the eels are hand-fed daily and accorded minor celebrity status.

Stilbaai includes Jongensfontein, a choice surf spot, and Melkhoutfontein, where local fisher folk offer homestays, area tours and traditional meals.



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Ocean Basket Knysna

Seafood restaurants in Knysna

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Kaai 4

Beach restaurants the Garden Route

The menu is nothing to shout about, the service is bloody awful and decor looks as it was washed up and picked up off the beach. Which is just how I like it. Relaxed, informal and simple. But what sold me was the answer I got when I asked why no calamari and no seafood platters. Sean’s response was simple and to the point. He wouldn’t know how to cook them. He is a farm boy and prefers to stick to what he does know.

The salads are unpretentious, the lambpot sweeter than I prefer but this is where I choose to kick back and relax. This is South African cuisine if there is such a thing and hospitality at it’s best.

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De Vette Mossel

I have been looking; talking to the locals and asking why no one has ever
thought of doing a beach braai restaurant on the Garden Route. And whilst I
am sure that there are many reasons why no one is doing it, I don’t
understand why no one has ever once mentioned or suggested I speak to Niël
and Laurika du Bois who found themselves on the beach early in December 2004 with every reason to open their restaurant De Vette Mossel.

Wrong, I do understand why it is. I enjoy the slow place of life on the
Garden Route.

But there are times when I ask myself whether its not taken a
little too literally. Slow and relaxed should never degenerate into retarded
and sometimes even obstructive. But in those dark days of winter I fear it
does and it’s very difficult to understand why people find communicating so

Running a restaurant is never easy. And particularly in this part of the
world. It’s not something you really want to do. Especially if you get the
urge to do something out of the ordinary, something that requires and a bit
of imagination and passion. But this couple knew no better. They arrived in
Mossel Bay with a Chev lorry, that is a little older than I, “stacked with
rough building materials, fishing nets and ropes – to give their free spirit
free reigns and to establishing a seafood restaurant on a beach somewhere.”

Like most “locals” I will mutter a bit about the price. I also have a nasty feeling it’s grown a little bit bigger than originally intended. I tried to save one of the pictures off their web site. It’s not allowed. Something that suggests that the free and uninhibited has got lost in the translation. But be that as it may De Vette Mossel is a must do.

It can be found between Klein- and Groot Brak River, near Mossel
Bay. It is situated right on the beach at Souwesia, just follow the signs.
They open on a Saturday evening and for lunch on a Sunday and booking is
essential. During school holidays and in December they cook every day.

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Celebrating Seafood

As a rule our local restaurants are not renowned for their imaginative menu’s
and I well know why. But I still don’t understand why the restaurateurs do
not do more to celebrate and promote the tastes that they could create. We
live on the coast. Seafood should be part of our local cuisine. But there
is, in my humble opinion, very little to celebrate. Be it winter, be it
seafood, be it whole foods, artisan foods or whatever. New restaurants start
up, the menu’s are sometimes different, sometimes even exciting. But it
doesn’t take long before they are being pared down to a soggy offering of
hake and chips if not the dreaded toasted sarmie and side salad for the
weight conscious, difficult diners.
How many predominantly seafood eateries do we have in the Garden Route? Who
is cooking? Who is making a difference?
Look Out Deck in Plett – I did their seafood bisque for breakfast this
morning. Probably a bit salty for most but I thoroughly enjoyed the little
pot of hot steaming fishy broth served with a french loaf which I dunked
with enthusiasm. They also have a special fishy menu that starts with
Lobster bisque and which offers a selection of prawn dishes followed by as
many options for those who favour Mussels.
Angling Club Plett
Off the Hook Plett
34 South Knysna
The Anchorage

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Take Away Suppers

We haven’t done a seafood takeaway for awhile. It’s always
‘hot dog’ or ‘pizza’ or ‘pasta and cheese sauce’. But Seafood Safari has
been running a special on their calamari and I thought I would try it out on
the two boys. And we now have another slot filled in their supper menu.And I
thought I should profile fish and chip shops in Knysna where one can grab a
quick bite. Seafood Safari -Morton’s -Blue Fin -Fish Bone -Sailor

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